As my belly grows so do the flowers, trees, insects and animals!
I hope you all had a lovely warm Solstice and may you continue to enjoy the sun and light of the rest of the summer!

Thank you to the loyal few that braced the heat last Sunday for my June sound bath.
The Buddhist Centre was a much welcome sanctuary of cool and it was lovely to see you all there.

My last public sound bath before I go off to become a mother will be on Sunday 16th July. I will be running it with fellow sound therapist Kate Hall who will be temporarily taking over my sound baths until I return.
This will be a special extended summer send off session of an hour and a half.
I really hope lots of you can join us for this one so that I can bid my farewells.

After July, the sound baths will continue at Birmingham Buddhist Centre but bookings will need to be made directly through Kate (
You will still be able to reach me through my email for any questions/queries and general hellos and loveliness!

Upcoming Sound Bath Dates:

Sunday 16th July
5:30pm – 7pm

September 17th

October 22nd

November 26th

December 10th

January 14th 2017

Please get in touch with me if you would like to attend the July special sound bath.

6 Senses Workshop

Kate Hall will be co-running a very special sensory event on Friday 30th June at The Old Printworks.

Come and explore the five senses of Smell, Sight, Touch, Sound and Taste and perhaps discover your 6th sense along the way!
A gentle Yoga session followed by a sensory journey……
Bringing awareness to the root chakra through smell and moving up through each chakra with blindfold tasting, visual meditation, hands on massage from the teachers to help unlock tension in the body and finishing with a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating soundbath meditation with Himalayan singing bowls and gongs.

A therapeutic and immersive workshop suitable for all….

Last few places remaining – £25
please book online via

Edan Sound

I will likely be returning to running sound baths in January 2018 and will be starting a fresh with a brand new website under the name of Edan Sound.

I will be notifying everyone when the site is live. Until then I will be continuing to blog from my Musery website so please do stay in touch by checking in for sonic news or emailing me directly. If you are not already on my mailing list and would like to be please get in contact and the same goes if you would like to be taken off the mailing list!

Take good care, soak up the sun and enjoy your summer months! See you all on the other side!