Sound Baths, Talks & Workshops


Sound Baths are booked for group sessions, such as retreats, festivals, one off group healing sessions.

A ‘Sound Bath’ is an opportunity for you to totally relax. To forget the world for a time and sink into an ocean of healing soundwaves – to be ‘bathed’ in sound.

Nothing at all will be required of you, except to find a space on the floor between the other participants, lie down and make yourself comfortable with whatever you have brought (blanket, cushion, yoga mat), close your eyes and allow the sounds to wash over you.

Please see Events & Workshops page for upcoming Sound Bath details.

Soesen also facilitates talks and workshops in sound for all ages. These are tailored to suit. Please contact The Musery for more information.

Performance & Selecting


Soesen has been selecting tunes for nearly 20 years and has played all over the UK, Europe and Brazil. She plays a heavy eclectic mix of Global Bass music ranging from Dub & Reggae to Electronica, Cumbia, Folk, Jungle and HipHop.


Soesen also performs live using bowls, gongs and other noise makers, with a variety of other musicians including Tabla maestro Mendi Singh and improv experimental percussionist Walt Shaw.

Project Management

Project Management

Soesen has been producing and managing festivals, community arts projects and arts events for over a decade and has a wide variety of experience from running large scale Melahs, parades and youth projects to grassroots music festivals in fields.


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