The new website is finally hear!
New name, new year, new look!!


My new email address is:
I will no longer be using my musery email address.

You can also find me on Linked In

I hope you enjoy perusing the new site.
Your thoughts, comments and feedback are always welcome.

Big thanks to Mark at Fluke Design for stepping in last minute and helping me to complete it!
Also thanks to Ed Lawes for taking some wonderful new photos for the site!

All sound bath dates can be found in the new blog section along with other sonic events, news and sonic inspiration!

Happy Vibrations from Edan Sound!

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February, time for CHANGE!

February is indeed the month for sewing seeds and making much needed changes! And when change is upon us we often want to dig our heals in and say NOOOOO! IM NOT READY!
Change is inevitable. Let our surroundings guide us and go with the flow!

We are slowly coming out of the depths of hibernation. Help boost your energy with a sonic tonic!

February 12th’s session is now fully booked but I am still taking bookings for February 24th at Barefoot Yoga. Please email me for more details of this special new moon Friday evening sound bath.

I look forward to seeing some lovely faces this Sunday and hope to see more of you at the end of the month!

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TedX & The Guardian on Sound Therapy

Article from The Guardian about Sound Therapy…..


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Review Me!!!

I have recently joined Google Places. Not only can people find me a little easier but you can also give me a review of your experience with The Musery.

If you would like to tell me what you think please pop along HERE… you can also find the link in the contact page.

I look forward to reading your reviews. Happy April 1st everyone!!

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An Indigenous Approach to Healing with Water…



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World Sound Healing Day!

February 14th is World Sound Healing Day!
At 12noon today people all over the world will be toning Aaahh or Om…… come join us to help raise the world’s vibration!

The purpose of World Sound Healing Day is to:

1). Heal Our Planet!
2). Heal Our Waters!
3). Raise Our Consciousness!



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Spring Equinox Sound Bath

Spring is upon us!!
February’s sound bath is already booked up so if you didn’t manage to book on in time, the next will be in March….

The Spring Equinox Sound Bath will take place on:

Sunday 20th March

Birmingham Buddhist Centre
11 Park Road, Moseley,
Birmingham B13 8AB

Due to high demand, March will host 2 sound bath sessions. Places are limited and filling up fast. Booking is essential – to book your place please email: muserysound@gmail.com


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Paul Murphy… RIP x

Last week we said goodbye to a man made of magic and wonder. Paul Murphy, an inspiration, power house and very special soul. Thank you for everything you gave. You shall be hugely missed.



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February Sound Bath – Full of LOVE.

February brings us new life, shoots, sprouts & LOVE!
If you didn’t manage to book on early enough for the January Sound Bath then here’s another!

Deeply relaxing, cleansing and rejuvenating…….

The February Sound Bath will take place on:

Sunday 21st February
Birmingham Buddhist Centre
11 Park Road, Moseley,
Birmingham B13 8AB

Do you find it hard to quieten your mind,
to let go of the mental chatter?
Would you like to let go of daily stresses and deeply relax and truly be in the moment?

A Sound bath may be just what you need!


A ‘Sound Bath’ is an opportunity for you to totally relax, to forget the world for a time and be ‘bathed’ in sound. This is a passive group sound healing session lasting for approx 1hr, using Himalayan & quartz singing bowls, gongs & percussion.

For your comfort please bring a yoga/roll mat, blanket and cushion.

Places are limited and booking is essential – for more information or to book a place please email:


Please pass this on to anyone you think may benefit!
Thank you and happy vibrations to you all!

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Thank you 2015 & Hello 2016!

Solstice Blessings and a Happy New Year to you all!!
Hope you’re all feeling rested after the frantic festive month!

2015 was a great year for The Musery and I would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support and enthusiasm.
Just a snippet of The Musery happenings in 2015….
Birmingham Buddhist Centre, Julie Baker Yoga, Shambala Festival, Northern Green Gathering, Federation of Holistic Therapists, Lunar Festival, Nessi Gomes, and Eden Reborn….

2015 pics copy

I would also like to give a special mention to ATHAC. Access to Heritage, Art and Culture’ (Athac CIC) is a social enterprise providing services for parents & carers to access local and national leisure, culture, and the arts.

Parents who access the services are the main carers to children with a range of disabilities including autism, learning difficulties and challenging behavior. The group was founded in 2004 and aims to break down barriers to disabled children and their families and to provide enriching life opportunities and access to heritage, art and culture.


“Families often find it very difficult to find accessible and accessible leisure opportunities out of school. Sound therapy seemed an interesting approach to working with children with severe disabilities as it was utilising a basic sensory sense which required no interaction from the participant. The sound sessions by Soesen have had a significant impact on the children and young people with autism and profound disabilities… Sound uses a therapeutic approach which relies on the individual to responding to the sounds in anyway they choose too. Responses from the group to the sounds from the instruments has been interesting to observe. Parents have reported their child being more calm and relaxed when they return home. The session have also been a learning curve in developing good observational skills allowing the team to build up a sensory profile on the preferences of each child.”
Carol Reid, ATHAC.

I have been working with this group using sound for the last 6 months and it has been a truly eye opening and humbling experience and I look forward to our continued work and discovery in 2016.


If you’ve decided like many that this year is the year to take care and nourish yourself and bringing in goodness for your body mind and soul then this month is the perfect opportunity to get started!
Give yourself some time, some attention and love.
And a great way to start your journey of wellbeing and nourishment is to dip into a sound bath!

I have 3 lined up so far for 2016:

January 31st, 6:30pm
February 21st, 6pm
March 20th, 6pm

All will be taking place at Birmingham Buddhist Centre and booking is essential.

I will also be running a sound bath for the Balsall Heath Womens Institute on January 10th if any ladies would like to take part in this and a talk about mental health.

Looking forward to what 2016 has to offer and seeing some of you very soon!

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