Brum Together!

BRUM TOGETHER is a multi-faith and wellbeing event, taking place on Saturday 25th January 2014 at 12-3pm; at the All Saints Church, in Kings Heath.

The idea behind BRUM TOGETHER is to “try something new with someone new” – we know that trying new things and socialising with others is beneficial, both on an individual and community level, and there’s plenty of research to back this up. With this in mind, Brum Together will celebrate and showcase ways in which you can get involved with those around you, try out new experiences and improve your wellbeing in the process.

Whilst encouraging people from all walks of life and backgrounds to unite and try out new skills, such as circus, theatre, sonic healing, and unusual crafts! There will also be showcase performances from Birmingham’s most talented musicians, as well as the premiere of our pilot community project Drum Together Brum!


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New Honeyfeet Album

From time to time you come across what can only be described as audio therapy, and Honeyfeet are it!!


I will occasionally promote some truly inspirational or therapeutic music on my blog.

I cant recommend enough, the new album by Honeyfeet. Wonderful people and incredible musicians. Utter sonic goodness.      Download it now!!!


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Sound Bath

The ultimate relaxation session…

Monday 9th December
@ The Zoodio, Upstairs at The Old Printworks, Birmingham, B12 9AH

– Do you find it hard to quieten your mind, to let go of the mental chatter?
– Would you like to relax and truly be in the moment?
– Would you like to experience more serenity, peace and joy in your daily life?
– Would you like to stimulate your own healing potential by way of a sonic massage?

A Sound bath may be just what you need!

A ‘Sound Bath’ is an opportunity for you to totally relax, to forget the world for a time and be ‘bathed’ in sound.

Sound Baths are group sound healing sessions using a variety of Himalayan Singing bowls, Gong & Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Soesen will take the group on a journey of sound and vibration.

A sound bath lasts for approximately 1 hour. This is a passive sound session. All that is required of you is that you rest on the floor or in a chair; the therapeutic sound will do the rest. For your comfort please bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow or cushion.

Deeply relaxing, cleansing and rejuvenating…….

Booking is essential – for more information or to book a place please email:

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Sonic Goodness!!

What a wonderful night and combination of healing sounds at last weeked Muzikstan! Listening to Dan Wilkins and Mendi Singh is the ultimate blissful listening pleasure. Adding some crystal & Himalayan bowls to the duo took it to an entirely different level!

Thank you Mendi & Dan for giving me the opportunity to play with such greats! I hope there are more!

Dan Wilkins, Mohinder Singh & Soesen Edan at Muzikstan. 17/10/2013

Dan Wilkins, Mohinder Singh & Soesen Edan at Muzikstan. 17/10/2013

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Autumn Discount!!

The Musery is offering a 20% discount on all therapy sessions until 1st December.

Call or email to book now!

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This July we went to help some friends run a space at Ruigoord Festival in Amsterdam.

Ruigoord has been squatted for nearly 40 years and festivals have been held there for much of this time. Our friends space (Bio Feedback) is run out of a geodome with a completely solar powered rig. One of the features of the rig was their home made cymatics box.

Their central speaker contained a dish of water and a light. Places in the centre of the dome, when the heavy bass beats played through it, the cymatics were projected onto the rood of the dome ceiling. Very pleasing!!

I had the honour of having a little jam with the beautiful and amazing music makers Sam & Alison of Sam & the Plants, and also the crazy legend that is Jonus Stampe who travelled all the way from Denmark. A great opportunity to get the bowls out for playing rather than always serving a serious purpose!


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Hello world!

News, info and stuff I’d like to share relating to the world of sound…

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