Out with the old, In with the NEW!

Morning all.

Firstly, sincere apologies to all those booked onto the March sound bath that I recently had to cancel. Unfortunately I have been very ill over the last couple of weeks. It has been a scary and challenging time but one of good realisations, learning and healing.

On the plus I have some good news for you that I can now reveal…. I’m PREGNANT!

I am due at the end of August this summer so I will be enlisting the temporary cover from my lovely friend and fellow sound therapist Kate Hall.
Kate Hall is also a qualified sound therapist with The British Academy of Sound Therapy, a qualified yoga teacher and holistic practitioner.
She will be taking over my sound baths from July onwards until I am ready to return. I know I will be leaving you in good healing hands!

Up coming Sound Baths:

I am now taking bookings for the up coming sound baths in April and May.
Let us sing out and shine with the birth of Spring. New beginnings, fresh starts, spring cleans, de-cluttering, hope, joy and new horizons! We are the change. We are our lives…

Sunday 2nd April

Shrine Room, Birmingham Buddhist Centre

Sunday 21st May
Shrine Room, Birmingham Buddhist Centre

As always, booking is essential. please email me directly to book your place…

Summer Sound & Yoga Retreat:

Unfortunately due to my change of circumstance, I will no longer be able to take part in the sound and yoga retreat with Julie Baker in August anymore. Just a little too close to the due date! Julie is still hoping to run a yoga retreat at the same location, with a possibility of a sound element. If you are still interested please contact Julie directly. She would love to hear from you!


Happy Spring Equinox everyone!
Take care all and I look forward to seeing you all when I am back on track and at my strongest!!
Thanks to everyone for your support, well wishings and positive vibrations!

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Spring is Coming!!

Barefoot Thanks…
Thanks to Faye and all that attended last nights New Moon sound bath at Barefoot Yoga.
Great to meet so many lovely new faces and for so many of them to be experiencing the power of sound for the first time!
Also big thanks to those lovely people that helped lug the kit at the end of the session!
I hope to see you all again soon at another sound session!

Spring is upon us and this is the time of year my favourite flowers are popping up.. snowdrops and daffodils, giving us hope of more light!
March also brings us the Sun entering Aries and the Spring Equinox. Make sure you’re somewhere in nature for 20th March!

Future sound bath dates:

Sunday 12th March CANCELLED!
Jasmine Room, Birmingham Buddhist Centre

Sunday 2nd April
Shrine Room, Birmingham Buddhist Centre

Sunday 21st May
Shrine Room, Birmingham Buddhist Centre

Sunday 18th June
Shrine Room, Birmingham Buddhist Centre

Sunday 16th July, with Kate Hall

Shrine Room, Birmingham Buddhist Centre

Places are limited and booking is essential. To book your place please email me:

I would also really value your feedback and testimonials for my new website. If you have the time, please let me know what you think, how you’ve felt during a sound bath or how you feel about sound therapy. All comments much appreciated!

Happy March everyone!

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Barefoot Sound Bath!

Thanks to all that came to the lovely sound bath last night at Birmingham Buddhist Centre. Great to see so many new faces!

Next up, a Friday night relaxation special at Barefoot Yoga in Harborne.
This is a thoroughly wonderful way to end your busy week in a beautiful yoga studio.
A great way to unwind before the weekend or even a great way to start your Friday night off with total peace!

The February New Moon Sound Bath will take place on:

Friday 24th February
Barefoot Yoga Centre
7 High St,
Birmingham, B17 9NT

The session will begin promptly at 8:15pm. Doors will be open from 7:45pm and closed at 8:10pm.
Please arrive a little before the session to find a space and settle.
For your comfort, bring with you a blanket, cushion and yoga/roll mat.
If you don’t have any of these there are a few spare!

Please let me know at the beginning of the session if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy, suffer from seizures/epilepsy, have metal implants or are fitted with a pacemaker.
Participants need to be 16yrs or over.

The session will last approx 45mins, followed by refreshments and a short group feedback session.
The session is a passive sound session. All participants need to do is lie back, close their eyes and enjoy bathing in a sea of sounds!
The exchange for the sound bath is £10 per person and can be paid in cash on the day.
There is a carpark right next to the pub opposite the yoga centre and also parking on Nursery Road.
The sound bath will be taking place in the yoga studio up the stairs from the reception desk on the 1st floor.
Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access to this venue.

Thanks and Happy Vibrations!

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Beat those January Blues!!!

“Snow is diamonds for a faery’s feet;
Blithely and bonnily she trips along,
Her lips a-carol with a merry song,
And in her eyes the meaning… Life is sweet!”

Ruby Archer

January is a hard time for everyone so to help with those short dark days and in bringing some balance back in to your life, try some soothing, healing sounds!

It’s going to be a wonderfully busy couple of months for Sound Baths!
First up, a joint sonic journey between myself and the wonderful Sarah Westwood, this Sunday at Birmingham Buddhist Centre. We shall be running a 1.5hr session, including gongs, singing bowls, didgeridoo and percussion!
Please note this sound bath is now fully booked, apologies for any disappointment.

I will be running a special Friday night sound bath at Barefoot Yoga in Harborne on 24th February for anyone that can’t make it on a Sunday. A brilliant way to end your busy week!

Here are the next few Sound Bath dates. I am taking bookings now.

Sunday February 12th, 5pm, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Birmingham Buddhist Centre
Friday February 24th, 8pm, New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Barefoot Yoga Centre
Sunday 12th March, 5pm, Full Moon, Birmingham Buddhist Centre

Relax, Unwind, Replenish & Rejuvenate!

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Mendi Singh & Friends

My dear friend Mendi is performing at MAC alongside Rioghnach Connolly from Honeyfeet, Beware Soul Brother & The Breath.
This will be a wonderful evening of world music and I can’t recommend it enough!
Wednesday 15th February 2017.
See you there!

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Tis the Season…..!

Thanks to all that attended last nights sound bath. A great turn out and I look forward to seeing some of you next month!

Here are the upcoming sound baths:

January 8th 2017 – 7pm – 1hr – £10
January 29th 2017 New Moon – 5pm – 1.5hrs – £15 FULLY BOOKED!
February 12th 2015 Full Moon – 5pm – 1hr – £10

There are only a few places left for January 8th and January 29th is now fully booked!
Please email me to book your place on any of these sound baths.



Gongs with Sheila Whittaker

I recently took part in some intensive gong training with Sheila Whittaker.
A thoroughly brilliant weekend with some lovely people and some stunning gongs!
Sheila is running an all night Gong Puja for Winter Solstice on December 17th if anyone is in the Devon area. I highly recommend this! For more information please see her website for details:



I wish you all the warmest of festive seasons, in the truest meaning of the time…

Holly and Mistletoe for healing and peace.
Amanita Muscaria for transformation and change.
Sinterklaas, St Nicholas, Odin, Frau Holle, Sun Gods.
Evergreen trees, life, giving, sharing, kindness and love.
Welcoming in the light of the longer days, getting closer to Spring and rebirth each day.

Happy Winter Solstice everyone and may you be warm and merry!


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Stoneage Soundtracks

So I’ve just returned from the Cantabria region in Spain. A beautiful part of the world with so many stunning vistas, colours and fresh air!
The book that accompanied my trip was Stone age Soundtracks – a great read!
Coincidentally we also visited the Altamira Cave which has some of the oldest cave paintings.
Fascinatingly for me, I was reading about the acoustics of ancient sites at the time.
Resonance and sounding of ancient sites, monoliths, stone circles, tombs, caves and ringing stones!


Through much testing and research it seems that these ancient cave paintings by Neolithic people had acute precision in being placed at the right places of resonance within the space.
Ritual practice, altered states, planned arrangement of stones and paintings…. too perfect and too acoustic to be random.

Here’s a little video of Brian Cox at Altamira. We didn’t get to see the real thing because our names weren’t Brian Cox!

And a brief article on Stone age acoustics…. for more insights I highly recommend Stone age sound tracks…

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Winter Sound Baths…

Thanks to everyone came to last nights sound bath.
December’s session is half full already so get your bookings in quick!
I’m looking forward to this run of Winter Warming Sound Baths, especially a New Moon extended special session with Sarah Westwood!

To book your place for any of the following dates please email me at muserysound@gmail.com

Sunday December 11th – 1hr
Sunday January 8th – 1hr
Sunday 29th January New Moon with Sarah Westwood – 1.5hr
Sunday 12th February Full Moon – 1hr


I am looking for a venue for a monthly week night session. If anyone knows a good, quiet, warm and non-religious space for hire please let me know!

I am no longer on facebook so please check the website or email for updates on sonic goodness!

Happy Winter Warming!!

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Watt’s Orbit

For those of you that unfortunately missed Watt’s Orbit on the weekend…. wwoooooaaaaahhhh!!
What an incredible sound installation, the sounds, the bass, the atmosphere, the precise composition, the visuals, the journey!
A meeting of minds of two geniuses and an industrial sound bathing roller coaster!!
Well done to Bobby Bird!!



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Topaz, Citrine & Chrysanthemums!

Next up….

November Sound Bath.

Sunday 6th November
Birmingham Buddhist Centre
11 Park Road, Moseley,
Birmingham B13 8AB


Booking is essential and places are filling up fast so email me to book your place as soon as possible! muserysound@gmail.com

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